@import "compass/css3";
[ The project is no loger maintained. ]
Reazy | Easy React & React Native Framework
A pluggable services-based framework for React & React Native
100% open source
Currently v0.0.19

npm install -g reazy-cli

reazy init MyAwesomeApp

All you need is a powerful CLI + Installable Plugins

Reazy Core itself is mere 100 lines of code and it comes with handy plugins so you install what’s needed and you don’t bloat your app with a lot of unusable code.

Just run,


reazy add native-auth-facebook

and you can just perform this.app.authFacebook() anywhere in your app.

As simple as that!

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We built Reazy to focus more on Business Logic and less on boilerplate code.

Stay updated with the progress

React has never been more exciting!

Initializing services is a cakewalk

We use MobX as default state management library which itself is pretty awesome and cuts down a lot of effort but you can always change it to anything that suits you better.

1. const app = reazy();
3. app.use(mobx(), 'state');
4. app.use(routerActions(), 'routerActions');
5. app.use(reactNative(), 'reactNative');
7. export default app;
8. class
9. class
10. class

Your command, our wish

Register your commands with reazy-cli and cut short your development time.

2. const app = reazy();
4. export default function(vorpal) {
5.  app.use(example(vorpal));
6. }
8. class
9. class
10. class

Create your custom services

We all needed 'this' to be simplified and so we have with Reazy. Now you can go on to create your custom services quick and painfree.

1.  export default function() {
2.   return function() {
3.    const getAllStores = () => ({
4.     'domain.user': new UserStore(),
5.     'view.app': new AppStore(),
6.    });
9.    return {
10.     getAllStores,
10.    };
10.   }
10.  }